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Breast Care / Maternity
Breast Care / Maternity
Breast Care / Maternity

Breast Care/Maternity

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  • Super absorbent & leak proof : locks in moisture for optimum dryness and comfort
  • Contoured 3D shape cup : provide perfect and discreet fitting
  • Soft and breathable waterproof film : keeps clothing protected
  • Ultra thin & lightweight : help mums look and feel great between breastfeed
  • Double adhesive tape : non-slip tapes to to keep pads in place
  • Perfect fitting : fit well for all bra sizes
  • Individually packed : for hygiene and convenience
  • Lovely lace trim : adds a touch of feminine flair to practically
  • Made of 100% Food Grade Polypropylene (PP)
  • Safe & non toxic (BPA Free and Phthalates Free)
  • Comes with soft and comfortable silicone cushion
  • Collect and save more breastmilk throughout the day
  • Spout that eases transfer of breastmilk to a strerilised storage bottle/bag and promotes airflow
  • Fit comfortably to the breast
  • Help to protect sore nipples from friction
  • Reusable and easy to clean
  • Can store up to 30ml breastmilk each cup
  • Protect – for mothers with sore, cracked, flat or inverted nipples
  • Ergonomic – perfectly shaped to allow optimal skin contact between mother and baby
  • Comfortable – made of soft, ultra thin, odourless and tasteless silicone
  • Convenient – comes with a carry case (box) for hygienic storage
  • Safe – BPA Free
  • Nurse your baby discreetly and in style with our elegant nursing poncho which flows gracefully with your body. 
  • Made of lightweight material that is breathable and luxuriously soft, it feels silky next to you and your baby's skin. 
  • Features complete coverage front and back while walking, standing or sitting, you will love the security and privacy this poncho offers when breastfeeding.
  • One size fits all - this exclusive poncho comes with button closure on one edge, allowing you to adjust for different shoulder widths giving you the perfect fit.
  • Flatteringly cut and beautifully sewn to make you look and feel best, the nursing poncho is amazingly flexible that it can be worn in a multitude of ways to suit your need and taste. 
  • You can use it as a throw-on piece, tunic or wrap that drapes stylishly over your shoulder, making this special enough for day and night.
  • Undo all the buttons and this poncho can also be used as a baby wrap, blanket or double up as a sun shade over your stroller.
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Generous coverage
  • Hygienic & healthy
  • Soft & hypoallergenic
  • Individually packed
  • 2-in-1 cold and warm use - ease discomfort and stimulate milk respectively
  • Contoured to fit most breast sizes -  comfortable and offer natural fit when placed on breasts. Can be worn comfortably with a nursing bra.
  • Generous sizing - offers full coverage for instant relieve  
  • Toxic free and safe to use - can be cleaned making them hygienic for repeated use
  • Easy to heat and cool 
  • The disposable breast pads by Bubbles are designed with mom's comfort in mind. 
  • It is contour fit, breathable and super absorbent. 
  • Each breast pad is individually wrapped to ensure cleanliness and hygienic.
  • Bubbles disposable breast pads has soft lining edge to prevent leakage while providing extra softness and comfort. 
  • The soft elastic side helps to create a natural contour fit in bra and the super absorbent material used provides great protection while keeping skin and clothes dry.
  • Each box consists of 60pcs with additional 12pcs FREE, each individually wrapped for mother's convenience and hygiene.
  • Dermatologist tested and clinically tested for irritation. 
  • NO petroleum, parabens, or lanolin.
  • The only non-vegan ingredient? Organic beeswax — that’s been ethically sourced in a bee-centric manner.
  • Protects nipples from further irritation
  • Superior comfort with soft, flexible backs
  • More flattering appearance under clothes than other shells
  • Ventilation holes in the shell prevents the build up of moisture
  • Sterile - 80210S: For immediate use in hospital
  • • Medela PureLan 100 nipple care helps restore the natural level of skin lipids, which might be affected by frequent breastfeeding.
  • • PureLan contains 100 per cent pure wool wax, called lanolin. It is hypoallergenic and completely free of artificial additives and preservatives. You do not need to remove it before breastfeeding.
  • • You can also use the cream on your lips or nose and on dry patches on your baby's skin.
  • 100% cotton promotes air flow for healthy skin
  • Contoured, no shift design keeps pads in place
  • Includes mesh laundry bag for easy washing
  • 100% cotton promotes air flow for healthy skin
  • Contoured, no shift d
  • Collect extra breast milk
  • Ultrasoft silicone cushion
  • Pleasant & discrete
  • Maintains form in smooth shape even with the heaviest flow
  • Quilted honeycomb lining provides leak proof coverage
  • Individually wrapped to take with you while on-the-go
  • Draws out flat or inverted nipples gently and painlessly
  • Helps baby to latch on to ease engorgement naturally
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Comes with casing for ease of travelling
  • As a shame to facilitate the delivery process. (Prompt 2 weeks before delivery).
  • Moisturizing and softening the skin.
  • Increase breast milk production.
  • Reduces constipation / hemorrhoids after delivery
  • Improve metabolism of the mother's body
  • Strengthen the body's defense system
  • Provides energy sources quickly.
  • Decrease weight (indirect effect)
  • Promotes healthy hair growth.
  • Improve digestion & absorption of food.
  • Improve the function of the nervous system after delivery.
  • Used as an aromatherapy for body tranquility.
  • Removable & able to wind in the body.
  • Reduces pain, back pain, flatulence and knee pain.
  • Depression can be bone, abdominal pain, skin itching, joints and muscles.
  • Can be used during confined and postponed periods.
  • For Pregnant Mother: Do not suppress or reject the pancreas within the first 2 weeks.
  • Can massage on the shoulders, neck and chest and follow the shoulders to the elbows, arms and finger fingers.
  • After 2 weeks until 44 days new can massage around the uterus.
  • For normal use: Sweep & scrub the area you want to wear / ill.
  • Defective can shrink the uterus and can prevent uterine disease.
  • Can treat whiteness and reduce odor.
  • Reduces weight and cleanses the skin.
  • Helps to get rid of fat that accumulates in pregnant women, reduces cholesterol levels in the body and regulates cellulite.
  • Helps to remove the wind in the body, relieves body aches and muscle aches and avoids postpartum pain.
  • It gives calmness to mothers after childbirth.
  • Helps to lose weight through the benefits of green tea and herbs.
  • This toothpaste contains natural Aloe Vera gel which promotes healthy gums.
  • Natural Papain enzyme breaks up soft dental plaque, and tea tree oil prevents it from forming.
  • An organic form of calcium obtained from eggshells strengthens tooth enamel.
  • Recommended for use during pregnancy.
  • For adults and children above 6 years.
  • Breathable and dry to wear 
  • Use even when swimming or on holiday 
  • Can be reused up to 150+ times* 
  • Invisible under close fi tting clothes 
  • Sleep without wearing a bra