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  • Textured surface to massage tender gums
  • Chill teether to soothe gums and provide extra relief
  • Ideal size and shape for baby to hold, gum and chew
  • BPA Free
  • Age : +3 months
  • 1. Bright colors are good for your baby's perception of color. 
  • 2. Three patterns of tooth gel, let the baby love to shake the bell. 
  • 3. The rotation of the ball is accompanied by a crisp sound, which can exercise the development of the baby's visual and auditory abilities. 
  • 4. Objects of different shapes help the baby to recognize and remember the world around him. 
  • 5. A variety of shape rattle combination, all-round exercise baby visual, auditory, tactile development, training baby hand-eye coordination ability. 
  • BPA-Free & Free from toxic materials 
  • Odourless, safe and flexible, yet tough material (Thermoplastic Rubber, TPR) is used 
  • Special design prevents teether from going too deep into baby's mouth, but allowing teether to reach molars 
  • Cute and unique design to attract baby's attention 
  • Light & easy grip for baby 
  • Combines positive psychological influence of eating fruits 
  • Delicate construction to protect baby's oral cavity 
  • Recommended Age : From 3 Months & Above
  • colouful & attractive
  • makes fun sound
  • cools and soothes gums
  • ideal for teething gel
  • easy to hold
  • suitable from 0 months+
  • Suitable : 3 months+
  • 100% silicone BPA-free material, safe and durable
  • Perfect for soothing and massage baby's irritable gums throughout teething process
  • Promote baby's sensory and motor skills with textured surfaces
  • Fun attractive fruit shape design encourages baby to chew and grasp
  • Bee Son Teether With Flowers Design
  • Suitable for babies 3m+ Front teeth & middle teeth
  • Helps soothe baby’s gums during teething
  • Bee Son's teether is designed to help soothe teething pain.
  • Cooling teethers are ideal for your baby
  • It is a safe toy for your baby
  • Let your little one learn hold and grip
  • Contains sterilized water inside
  • Water-filled cooling element calms and relaxes baby
  • Innovative shape reaches to baby’s back teeth perfectly
  • Different structures of the teether massage sensitive gums and offer a variety of biting pleasure
  • Unique curved shape makes teether easy to grab and hold
  • Cools and soothes baby’s gums as they bite on the teether
  • Water-filled cooling element for first teeth
  • Curved and extra lightweight ring handle is easy to hold and grasp especially by small babies
  • Innovative clip combination ensures teether is always clean and within reach
  • 100% silicone bristles provide a gentle cleansing for emerging teeth
  • The Nana Nubs Massager is made of extra soft silicone with your baby’s comfort in mind
  • Raised, offset surfaces that assist in the eruption of teeth by gently massaging infant’s gums
  • Sized for maximum effectiveness and easy enough for baby to hold. 
  • Easy to clean/ top rack dishwasher safe
  • 3 Months + 
  • BPA Free
  • 4+ months
  • Stimulates the development of baby’s mouth and fingers
  • Ideal shape for baby to chew and grasp
  • Same soft material all-around teether – babies will not chew on anything too hard
  • May be used as educational tool for babies to recognise fruits
  • Translucent material to monitor water level in teether
  • Filled with tested sterilized water and is completely safe for baby
  • BPA Free
  • 3 pack
  • Water filled – Can be cooled in fridge
  • Soft and chewy
  • Perfect size for baby’s small hands
  • Cute Jerry Giraffe character
  • Soft and chewy
  • Visual─colorful designs perfectly fit your baby's learning. 
  • Smell─fruit taste can stimulate baby senses. 
  • Tactile─softness and resilience, ideal for baby finger training. 
  • Taste─different textured to massage your baby's gum, soothe teething pain. 
  • Food Grade Silicone─high heat resistance 120°C,BPA Free. 
  • Softness and Resilience─ideal for baby finger training. 
  • Different textured─massage your baby's gum, soothe teething pain. 
  • Venting hole─prevent baby swallow. 
  • Non-slip handle─use with pacifier chain, better for hygienic.