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  • Support, enhances and tones your figure after delivery
  • Helps to reduce unwanted stress marks and improve the skin’s natural elasticity
  • Comfortable, light and breathable
  • Luxuriously soft inner layer which is gentle on skin
  • Unnoticeable under clothing
  • Beeson’s maternity pads provide better comfort & thickness on the loop pad – you will definitely need more than a traditional sanitary towel. 
  • Usage during & after delivery
  • Normal/Extremely heavy flow
  • Soft and cushioned for ultra comfort
  • Extra large and highly absorbent
  • Ultra thin stay dry cover
  • Each Pack is comes with 10 pieces of loop pad.
  • Power absorption
  • Soft cover
  • Wide size: 37.5cmx15cm
  • EMBO air hole
  • Made of the finest elastic material with breathable fabric allowing you  to move freely.
  • Helps support, enhance, and tone after natural birth, C-section, or postpartum abdominal surgeries.
  • Supports core abdominal muscles and helps uterus return to original size sooner.
  • Loses inches faster off your belly and waist.
  • Shrinks with you as you lose belly fat.
  • Instantly slim with customized triple compression.
  • Helps improve breastfeeding posture
  • Disposable Ladies’ Cotton Panties are made of non-abrasive and 100% cotton material designed to provide utmost comfort.
  • Every piece is individually wrapped for personal hygience.
  • Prefect for travelling, hospital stays, postpartum, camping, work-out and daily use.
  • Buttery soft and stretchy fabric makes it perfect as a maternity briefs.
  • Comfortably fits with low waist and v-shaped design each step of the way.
  • The seamless design and expandable fabric perfectly support your unique shape and movement.
  • Widen back design, prevent from slipping down.
  • High elasticity band for perfect support and fit.